The Exciting Opportunity to Open Your Own YOGGY`s Franchise!


Our everyday goal is to provide a service that is most accommodating to the needs and desires of our valued customers. Our aim is to create an exciting atmosphere that strives to promote a stronger sense of community and serve only the finest quality products to promote a Healthier lifestyle. At YOGGY`s, we are committed to excellence to make your sweet dreams come to life…

Benefits of joining YOGGY`s

Trade Name: We give our YOGGY`s trademark, logo. Trade secrets, recipes, operating system, Training procedures and all other aspects of our store system.

Location Analysis: We will provide you with a comprehensivesite analysis on your location.

Training: You will receive comprehensive training at ourfacility. We provide you with all the training necessary inorder to operate your business

Marketing: National advertising will be undertaken by thecorporate office. Local advertising will be up to the individualstore owners. We will provide support and guidance if you planto advertise locally.

Sourcing: We at YOGGY`s price our products atcompetitive rates. We will connect you to all dealership in your country for machinery and equipment.

On-going-Help and Support: You will have the benefit of ourtroubleshooting service. We will use our expertise in order toassist you with any problems you may be having.

Designs: Designs:We strive to provide a modernized store design toattract people of all ages. Our fun designs promote practicalityand convenienceSelf-Serve Concept. Our unique Self-Serve concept will providepeople with the option to choose their own flavors.

Joining YOGGY`s team:

What you do…
  • Sign up for a YOGGY`s License.
  • Find a Location and obtain a lease
  • Find an architect and contractor to start construction on the store
  • Receive all the training necessary to operate a store
  • Open your store!!!
What we do…
  • We help you find a suitable location
  • We provide designs and layouts
  • We supervise the construction of the store
  • We train our owners so that they are fully prepared
  • We will make sure you have everything you need to open your store