About Us


Yoggy’s LLC is a Florida, USA company specialized in self-serve frozen yogurt.

Our concept consists of providing a unique environment where our customers build their own experience. We provide fat free frozen yogurt with flavors made from local markets fresh products and a wide variety of toppings ranging from all natural fruits and nuts to the most delicious chocolate and candy treat.

From there, the myriad of options are only bounded by the customer’s imagination.

Yoggy’s state of the art soft serve machines are supplied by Taylor, the industry leader. We also serve frozen yogurt made from fresh fruits and natural flavors and we constantly offer new and unique local flavors to satisfy our clientele preferences.

The self-serve frozen yogurt concept has become a wide spread trend across the world. Yoggy’s legendary customer service approach, detailed procedures for selecting fresh ingredients, continuous research for developing unique flavors and streamlined store operations make Yoggy’s stand out above the competition.

If you are interested in a great business opportunity, join our growing family by contacting our licensing department at: